Flat Knitting Division (Collar Knitting)


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Welcome to Gopia Tex, Tirupur

We are existing in this field around 28 years. We are manufacturers of Flat Knitted Fabrics and Collars. Our Organization caters Tirupur Exporters since 1992, for more than a decade. Our focus is in and around Tirupur and other states if Ibdia, delivering products and services to major Exporters in Tirupur.

We are service oriented and our motto is "Quality, at affordable cost, delivering at the right time". We have a good infrastructure with state of art technology in production.


Collar Production

We are producing the collars in full jacquard machines around 5000 pcs per day. In Mini Jacquard and plain collars our production around 10,000 Pcs per day. We had the large no of Imported machines to produce the collars and delivered it in the prompt time.